Raising the bar

When I began designing the Chromatron, one of my goals was to set a new standard of build quality in the effects pedal world. Here are a few of the little touches that I want to highlight:

Custom machined aluminum enclosure. I’ve long designed my own enclosures to get around the limitations of cast aluminum off-the-shelf parts. This is my first machined design, which gave me design flexibility that surpasses even my custom bent steel enclosures. The backplate is made of hot rolled steel sheet in order to give the pedal the right amount of heft and also as a nod to my previous hot rolled steel designs.

Audiophile grade components throughout. There is a lot of misinformation online regarding electronic components and audio quality. After exhaustive research and listening tests, I’ve carefully selected the best components available based on ideal temperature coefficients and dielectrics. Precision 0.5% resistors and 2% capacitors ensure that every pedal sounds exactly the way it should.

Jacks are now mechanically separated from the main PCB. If someone steps on a jack while it’s plugged in, there is no possibility of a stress fracture on the main board.

Sealed potentiometers that are much more resistant to dust and other contaminants.

New custom toggle switches with gold-over-silver contacts for increased reliability.

Custom-designed aluminum knobs. I worked hard to come up with a design that was simple and elegant to match my new enclosure.

Stomp switches are now actuators that trigger board-mounted tactile switches rated for 1,000,000 cycles.

No electrolytic capacitors. Every component on the PCB is solid state, so there is no possibility that anything will explode and cause a mess inside your pedal.

All of this adds up to a pedal that will provide you many years of enjoyment.

Spencer Doren