All products include a one year guarantee against defects. Outside of one year, repair rates are kept reasonable. Email for repair inquiries.



Instruction Manuals

Can you mod [X] to have [Y] feature?

Probably not. My circuit board layouts are very dense and there's not room to add controls or features. I can occasionally mod a circuit to change the tone as long as it doesn't involve adding components to the circuit - such as tuning the frequency of an equalizer section or tweaking the cutoff of a filter.

WIll you make me a custom gizmo?

No. Building a one-off is very time-consuming and expensive. You would never pay the price I'd have to charge to make it worthwhile.

Will you repair/modify my non-3 LEAF AUDIO pedal?


Can I become a 3 LEAF AUDIO reseller?

Yes! Email for information.

Do you have an artist endorsement program? Can I get free/discounted stuff?

I am one guy building small-batch, free-range organic tone gizmos. I don't have a sales department. I don't have an advertising budget. And I don't have an endorsement program. Call Fender if you want free stuff.

What shipping options are available for my order?

Inside the USA, all orders ship via USPS Priority Mail. It's very reliable and takes 2-3 days to reach you.

Internationally, I ship via USPS Priority International, and DHL Express. DHL is marginally more expensive, but much faster and better.

Do I have to pay import duties/taxes on my international shipment?

That depends on the customs department in your country. You are responsible for paying all duties and taxes that your country requires. Well, I don't care if you pay them or not, but I won't pay them for you.

Can I come to your shop and buy a gizmo in person?

My shop is not open to the public, but sometimes local pickup can be arranged. If you're in the Seattle area, email for details.