March 16, 2015


Bootsy Collins is using the Doom! Here's what he had to say about it:


"Now things are really shaping up! I mean it puts new meaning to a funkin' orgy of sounds! If you have never experienced that before then this pedal is the next best thing to being there. It's official, funk approved. Bootsy baby!!!"



November 13, 2014



The Octabvre (pronounced "octave") is a dual mode analog octaver that adds a harmonically rich sub octave to your instrument. It was designed with the input of bass player Tim Lefebvre, a man who has achieved great heights both musically and physically (he's really tall).


The Octabvre features a tone knob that alters the character of the sub octave. At one end it replicates the classic tone of the Boss OC-2, and at the other end it captures the gritty sub sound of the Mutron Octave. A second footswitch with a dedicated volume control solos the sub octave for 808-inspired sounds.


Check out the products page for ordering and availability info.

September 25, 2014


New stompy! The Little Black Box is an original EQ/clean boost circuit designed to add some sizzle to your tone. The EQ section features boost-only bass and treble controls as well as a switch that selects between two distinct treble frequency points - a high treble frequency that adds an airy crispness to your instrument's signal and a lower treble frequency that sounds more like a traditional treble control.


The finish is blackened steel - a chemical process normally reserved for high-end architecture and never before used on audio equipment. Due to the hand-applied nature of the finish, each unit has a unique oxidation pattern.


Production is limited to 99 units - reserve yours here.

1122 E Pike St #631          Seattle, WA 98122