October 2014 - I'll be setup in my new Capitol Hill workshop by the end of the month.


I am no longer affiliated with Darkglass Electronics. I have a few Darkglass products from my personal collection available for sale at discounted prices - email for info.


October 3, 2014


Here's a new video of Victor Wooten with his You're Doom fuzz pedal. He really makes it sing!

September 25, 2014


New stompy! The Little Black Box is an original EQ/clean boost circuit designed to add some sizzle to your tone. The EQ section features boost-only bass and treble controls as well as a switch that selects between two distinct treble frequency points - a high treble frequency that adds an airy crispness to your instrument's signal and a lower treble frequency that sounds more like a traditional treble control.


The finish is blackened steel - a chemical process normally reserved for high-end architecture and never before used on audio equipment. Due to the hand-applied nature of the finish, each unit has a unique oxidation pattern.


Production is limited to 99 units - reserve yours here.