November 27


I'm excited to introduce Pike Amplification, a company for bass players. Check out for more info.


When I started bending circuits in high school, I never dreamed that it would become a career. It started when I figured out how to modify my old Lovetone envelope filter to work better on the gigs I was playing at the time. After a few dozen modifications, the pedal was so different from the original that it had become its own entity. I built a few of them to sell locally, and then I built a few more. Several years and a few thousand stompboxes later, 3Leaf Audio is a world-renowned brand with customers that include some of my musical heroes.


All 3Leaf Audio products are built in my tone dungeon located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Modern construction techniques and precision components are utilized so that every stompbox is built to last. This includes features that can't be found on other boutique effects, like a silent relay-based true bypass system that automatically switches to bypass mode in the event of a power failure. A custom steel enclosure gives each stompbox just the right look and feel.


Each creation is honed through relentless play-testing on actual gigs. Try them and I think you will like what you hear!


Spencer Doren / 3Leaf Audio




Is your favorite shop not on this list? Tell them to contact for dealer information.


   Coast Sonic - Encinitas, CA

   Effects Boutique - San Diego, CA

   Truetone Music - Santa Monica, CA

   Bass Extracts - Glendale, CO

   Chicago Music Exchange - Chicago, IL

   Motor City Guitar - Waterford, MI

   Geartree - Jenison, MI

   Metalstring Sound - Durham, NC

   Prymaxe Vintage - Garwood, NJ

   Rudy's Music - New York, NY

   Rogue Guitar Shop - Bend, OR

   The Bass Shop - Seattle, WA

   Jet City Music - Seattle, WA

   Cream City Music - Brookfield, WI



   Deluxe Guitars - Melbourne, VIC

   Tone Proshop - Kooringal, NSW



   Axe...And You Shall Receive - Brantford, ON

   Club Bass - Toronto, ON

   Tapestry Music - White Rock, BC



   Uni Sound - Hong Kong



   Effekt Boutique - Ostfildern


   Groovemania - Cisano, BG



   Ninevolt - Hanamaki



   Candor Music - Kuala Lumpur



  Nellden Music - Manila






   Davis Guitar Music Centre



   Rock Rock Music Gears



   Strings Shop - Bangkok



   Ambar Guitars - Ayvalık


United Kingdom

   Bass Direct - Warwick




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